Difference between traditional AI and Generative AI

Difference between traditional AI and Generative AI

Generative AI is the new buzzword since late 2022. The likes of ChatGPT, Bard, etc. is taking the AI to the all new levels with wide variety of use-cases for consumers and enterprises.

I wanted to briefly understand the difference between traditional AI and generative AI. According to a recent report published in Deloitte, GenAI’s output is of a higher complexity while compared with traditional AI.

Typical AI models would generate output in the form of a value (Ex: predicting sales for next quarter), label (Ex: classifying a transaction as legitimate or fraud). GenAI models tend to generate a full page of composed text or other digital artifact. Applications like Midjourney, DALL-E produces images, for instance.

In the case of GenAI, there is no one possible correct answer. Deloitte study reports, this results in a large degree of freedom and variability, which can be interpreted as creativity.

The underlying GenAI models are usually large in terms of resources consumption, requiring TBs of high-quality data processed on large-scale, GPU-enabled, high-performance computing clusters. With OpenAI’s innovation being plugged into Microsoft Azure Services and Office suites, it would be interesting to see the dramatic changes in consumers’ productivity!

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