Meet Devin, the first AI-based Software Engineer

Meet Devin, the first AI-based Software Engineer

Gen AI enables writing highly sophisticated code for the given problem statement. Developers can already take advantage of that!

What if a full-fledged tool that can write code, fix bugs, leverages online resources, collaborates with human, and solves gigs on popular freelancing sites such as Upwork?!

Is this a fiction? Well, not anymore.

Meet Devin, the first of its kind, AI-based software engineer, created by Cognition Labs, an applied AI labs company that builds apps focusing on reasoning.

The Tech World is already amazed with the capabilities of Copilot which assists in developing code snippets, however, Devin has a unique capability and is a step-up in terms of its features that it can cater to end-to-end software development.

According to the creators, Devin has the following key capabilities as of writing –

  1. Learn how to use unfamiliar technologies.
  2. Build and deploy apps end to end.
  3. Autonomously find and fix bugs in codebases.
  4. Train and fine tune its own AI models.
  5. Address bugs and feature requests in open source repositories.
  6. Contribute to mature production repositories.
  7. Solve real jobs on Upwork!

Scott Wu, the founder and CEO of Cognition, explained Devin can access common developer tools, including its own shell, code editor and browser, within a sandboxed compute environment to plan and execute complex engineering tasks requiring thousands of decisions. 

Devin resolved 13.86% of issues without human assistance in the tested GitHub repositories as per the publication by creators based on SWE-benchmark that asks agents to resolve challenging problems in the open-source projects such as scikit-learn, Django.

There’s sparkling conversation around the globe that AI could kill basic coding skills written by human and recently NVidia Founder talked about everyone is now a programmer thanks to AI. Of course, I think, human oversight is required to refine and meet user’s requirements.

Thanks to Devin, now the human can focus more on complex or interesting problems that requires our creativity and best use of our time. As of now, access to Devin is only limited to select individuals. Public access is still pending. For more info, visit

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