Figure Unveiled a Humanoid Robot in Partnership with OpenAI

A yet another milestone in the history of A.I. and Robotics!

Yes, I’m not exaggerating! What you could potentially read in a moment would be a futuristic world where humanoid robots can very well serve humanity in many ways (keeping negatives out of the picture for timebeing).

When I first heard this news, movies such as I, Robot and Enthiran, the Robot were flashing on my mind! Putting my filmy fantasies aside, the Robotics expert company Figure, in partnership with Microsoft and OpenAI, has released the first general purpose humanoid robot – Figure 01 – designed for commercial use.

Here’s the quick video released by the creators –

Figure’s Robotics expertise has been perfectly augmented by OpenAI’s multi-modal support in understanding and generating response of visual inputs such as image, audio, video. The future looks way more promising and becoming reality that these humanoids can be supplied to the manufacturing and commercial areas where there are shortage of resources for scaling the production needs.

In the video, it is seen demonstrating the ability to recognize objects such as apple and take appropriate actions. It is reported that Figure 01 humanoid robot stands at 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 132 pounds. It can carry up to 44 pounds and move at a speed of 1.2 meters per second.

Figure is backed by tech giants such as Microsoft, OpenAI Startup Fund, NVIDIA, Jeff Bezos (Bezos Expeditions) and more.

Lot of fascinating innovations happening around us thanks to Gen AI / LLMs, Copilot, Devin, Sora, and now a glimpse into the reality of Humanoid Robotics. Isn’t it a great time to be in?!