If you’ve gone through the list of data science skills, you would be surprised as to where to begin this journey. I’ve been pondering on the same thought for quite some time!

I discovered a timeline chart in the form of an infographics released by Kunal Jain of AnalyticsVidhya fame. It depicts the list of stuffs that one can learn step by step on a monthly basis. Although it was prepared in Jan 2016, I think it still looks relevant, and we can make use of it as a goal plan. Welcome, on board! Let’s do this!!

How To Become Data Scientist by AnalyticsVidhya
How To Become Data Scientist by AnalyticsVidhya

The emphasis should be focused on understanding the concepts, techniques rather than merely knowing how to program them. I think that tools/programming might get changed over the period of time. What doesn’t get changed are the basics which applies to any domain/field.

There are plenty of ways one can learn these from. I think, to learn a complex course like these, MOOC (Massive Online Open Courses) is the best way followed by peer group learning, YouTube videos/blog tutorials, e-books/text books.

How are you preparing yourself to become a data scientist?